Manage your sustainable advantage

The intuitive software solution that helps your business measure, manage and report Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) performance, at any stage of your ESG journey.

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Measure your current ESG performance versus your industry peers to establish where you stand on ESG.


Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement and receive actionable guidance on how to progress your ESG performance.


Control your ESG narrative through ready-to-publish ESG reporting templates designed based on industry leading standards.

ESG software designed with the business-user in mind

The benefits to your business

21 core ESG metrics distilled for relevance and significance vetted by ESG experts and big four accountants.

Key ESG’s management dashboard provides a central place to store and track ESG data for management decision-making and provides real-time peer benchmarks.

Key ESG’s community facilitates the sharing of best practices among member organisations so that they can accelerate their ESG performance.

Boost your ESG performance and communicate your progress to make ESG your competitive differentiator and long-term value driver.

Key statistics

  • 9 out of 10 companies in the S&P 500 published a sustainability report in 2019 *

    * Governance & Accountability Institute

  • Companies with top-quartile ESG performance benefit from 5-10% lower cost of capital versus low-quartile performers *

    * MSCI

  • Dedicated ESG assets under management increased to €820 billion during 2020 *

    * Morningstar

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